Choosing Career as an Engineer

In childhood, all we were asked, what we want to be in future. Almost we used to reply what we saw & felt in our surrounding. As childish we said that we would be a doctor or an engineer or a teacher etc. But as we grew, we started to understand the things & one day we decided to become an engineer. One question is very important here, how & why we chose engineering as career.

What we see around us, all the things, happenings, bridges, building, plane, car bike or any other things, we used to feel how & why this happening & how this works. To get the reason in depth, to solve the curiosity, we became nearer & nearer to the engineering.

To become an engineer, those who were having the same mind, started preparing for engineering entrance exam, today which is known as JEE to get the admission into India’s Top engineering colleges i.e. IIT – Indian Institute of Technology.

Today many of the IITians, in different sectors, are giving their unforgettable contribution to our nation & world.

Any student, who want to be an IITian, have to clear JEE Main & Advanced – 2 stage examinations. There are many coaching in India, who are offering the IIT JEE preparation. One of the iit jee coaching in delhi is Nivedita Classes. This coaching is providing the training under the guidance of Ex-IITians.